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I have always had vivid dreams ever since I was a little girl. Since returning to my faith in Jesus Christ, my dreams have been a little different, yet still memorable and real. I wanted to share one of my dreams that I felt had a beautiful meaning behind it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments...


Dream 9/13/23 at 4:51 AM

I dreamt I was with one of my best friends, who asked me how to get to my father's house. I decided to show her instead of just telling her. We had to go through wilderness and ruins and pass through the homes of bears and wolves. I was walking on a small pathway that always had sunlight, but she insisted on going her way through the vast, dark woods filled with obstacles and getting tricked by the bears and wolves that tried to eat her. I told her the easiest way to get to my father's house was to follow the path, but she wanted to play with the baby bears and dance in the wildflowers. I stayed on the path watching her, but she noticed it was taking a long time and started to grow impatient and annoyed due to getting lost and tricked in the woods. Eventually, she joined me on the pre-made path. We had such a good time laughing and chatting and enjoying the trip.

We arrived at a clearing in the woods with the sun shining over some ruins of a magnificent building with a decaying balcony overseeing a garden. My friend saw a wolf, but she was convinced it was only a lost dog. It looked like an Afghan hound dog, but I told her it was actually a wolf. She didn't believe me and played with it for a while. It then transformed from a dog to a wolf, tried to eat her hand, and started chasing her. She climbed a pole on the top floor of the ruins by the balcony and held on for dear life. She was scared to come down because the wolf had revealed its true nature: manipulative, vicious, and hungry. I climbed up the layered white stone of the decaying building and pulled myself up on the balcony. (I am apparently super strong in this dream!) I stood face to face with the wolf, placed my hands on it, and it calmly walked away.

My friend asked me how I did that, and I told her I just trusted I could. She scooted down the pole and asked me to lead her to my father's home, but this time she will trust me. We walked through the ruins, which led us to cave that had an underground labyrinth. It was dark, a little scary, and isolating, but I knew nothing could harm us. Bears were living in some parts of the tunnels, but I knew how to navigate those obstacles.

Because we followed the path, the underground maze quickly led us to a sliding door made of beautiful stained glass mosaics. I don't remember what the image of the glass was, but the colors were vibrant, and the design was beautiful. One door was complete, but the second was three-quarters of the way done, hanging on the hinges. It was not yet complete because it was a project everyone in my father's house was slowly working on together.

We walked between the sliding stained glass doors and found ourselves in front of a dead end - a wall made of stone and Earth. Nothing was around except dirt and rocks. There was no indication of a door, let alone other people ever being there. It was just me, my friend, and now two tall men with us. Me and the man with me had access to the door to "our" father's, but I was helping my friend and her man to open the door. I already had a key to enter, but she had to have her key to let herself in. She had to believe she could come to my father's house to get the key. She closed her eyes and held out her palms, believing the key would show up in her hands, but a gold necklace appeared around her neck with a key shaped like a cross. She got very excited because a keyhole showed up on the stone wall at the same time. She took the cross-shaped key, put it in the keyhole, and the rock wall slid to the right side. 

When you first looked in, it looked like an underground bunker, but as you started to walk in, you could feel warmth and a strong presence with a bright light coming down the corridor. My friend and her man left us to explore. The man with me waited with me because we sensed two other people were following us.

I turned around, knowing the rock wall/door was already closed, but when you're on the other side of the door, you can see right through it like a mesh curtain.

Two people with darker hair than us hid behind the stained glass sliding doors. I asked if they wanted to join us, but that startled them, so they quickly slammed them closed. The couple, the man with me, and I all thought the doors would shatter when they hit together, but the unfinished one became unhinged and fell in slow motion toward the floor. Instead of falling and breaking, the couple caught it and gently set it on the ground.

We opened the rock wall door like a curtain, asking if the people were okay, forgave them when they asked, and invited them to join us. They stood there, shocked and smiling at the miracle of not shattering the door and being so warmly welcomed. Then I woke up.


I've been recording my dreams for at least ten years, so when I wake up I can remember very clear details as though I just watched a movie. After this dream, I laid in bed and felt immense gratitude and was thrilled to understand the message so easily. What was your take on the dream?

  • Do you also have vivid dreams? 

  • Have you ever had a prophetic or lucid dream before? 

  • Does God talk to you in dreams? 

  • I'd love to hear about your experience with dreams.


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