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Dream Interpretation: Is this a message from God?

God's Glow
Basking in the glow of God

I'm glad I started recording my dreams when I did because God has been clearly communicating with me through mine. I don't think He'd be able to do that if I didn't dedicate time toward that skill. 

I can recall the messages in my dreams very vividly and with accuracy. (See my previous post to learn how to do that.) Because I've also been diving deep into God's word (The Bible), I can identify what is from Him and what is just a conglomeration of thoughts from my overactive mind. 

Below are things I've noticed regarding dream recollection and deciphering if it's a message from God or just my brain creating a movie as I sleep…



Most dreams mirror your internal thoughts or what you experienced earlier in the day or week. Try not to give power to your dreams. It can be fun to interpret dreams, but don't assume everything has a deep meaning. BUT.....


When people say "when you know, you know," well that's the same with dreams and if they have significance. Sometimes, a part of a dream will stand out to you, or there's a sensation or inkling that there was something important in the message. Trust that feeling and write down your thoughts at the bottom of your dream journal entry, and reflect using tips in the following 4 steps…


Don't immediately jump to the internet for answers!! What one symbol means to you may mean something entirely different to someone else.

For example, if you want to understand why a bright blue butterfly 🦋 was in your dream, As yourself a few questions:

What do butterflies represent to me? (Not what you think they signify.) 

What is the significance of this shade of blue to me? 

Was this color more vivid than the others in my dream? 

How did I feel when I saw this butterfly? 

What was going on in the dream at that moment?

Ask yourself these kinds of questions because the answers are always within. Remember to use discernment if you do choose to Google, but you can ALWAYS ask God for clarity...


When I want confirmation through the form of physical evidence, I ask God to show me a very specific thing.

For example, if someone appeared in my dream and gave me a message that I felt was a message from God, I would ask Him to guide that person to wear a specific colored shirt the next time I saw them in person to indicate "Yes, that message was from God." 

It sounds silly, but it has worked every single time! 

I suggest asking God to give you clarity in your next dream first. You can even ask Him to show you a very obvious sign that only He would be able to orchestrate within a time frame. You're not "testing" God, you're learning how to TRUST in Him to make sure you understand that you are clearly receiving His messages. After a while you don't need to ask, you'll just know.

Don't overthink it or even ask to see a specific sign in your dream or waking state. Let God handle that so your mind isn't looking for something specific. By doing this, I learned to trust myself more in trusting God, and God has yet to let me down. He's just sometimes quiet.

Note, if God is silent, don't assume that answer is a "no". The silence could be an opportunity to deepen your faith in Him during a period of doubt. Doubt strengthens your relationship with God. This can allow you to learn to trust yourself after He's made things clear instead of asking Him for clarity on everything. Just trust what's been shown to you and how YOU understood it. 


Is this from God? Only you can know this answer. This step goes hand in hand with step 4. When you have a solid relationship with the Creator of the Universe, you know what it feels like when He shows up. Or maybe this is something you're still actively working on. No worries! My best advice is to read the Bible if you really want to feel what He is like and how He will show up for you. When you understand how He communicates to us through what we've been given in the Bible, you can understand Him a lot quicker without forming your own assumptions. But if the Bible is not your jam refer to step 4 to ask God how you know it's from Him. (It's a really cool book, I recommend it. 😎)

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5

EVERY person's relationship with God is different. If you are unsure if a dream or message is from Him, just ask!! Use the previous step to help you with that, and keep doing that until you feel like you trust yourself in that knowing.


Sharing your dreams with others can be easy and fun, but people understand through their own perception filter so keep this in mind. I am choosy about who I share my dreams with and in how much detail. This is because we are human and can be affected by what others think or say, even if it's well-meaning. 

Only share if you feel solid in your interpretation OR share with someone you trust who can help you use discernment when you're stuck. Ensure you don't allow outsiders to influence your dream and what it means to you because it came to YOU, not them. Someone can interpret it one way, and that may resonate to an extent, but only you know what is from God or what the dream means for you. That's why I don't try to interpret my friends' dreams when they ask because my understanding of the world is different from theirs. Keep that in mind when you're asking or sharing with others too.

How do you know if your dream was a message from God?

Were these tips helpful?

Please share any of your thoughts and suggestions below. I am here for the conversation. 🙌🏻


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