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The Art in Relationships

I recently shared an analogy regarding surrendering to the unknown in relationships. I felt compelled to share it with those who may be curious or struggling with trusting the outcome of a relationship. Let me know if it resonates! I’m always learning, too!!


When you’re learning how to paint, or you are taking it to the next level of skill, it may not feel as natural. It can be fun and bring a sense of peace, but sometimes it can be very frustrating and confusing, especially when you’re learning a new technique.

It’s easy to want to give up because you don’t want to take the time to practice this new skill. You want the result and act of painting to be perfect immediately, but when you’re starting any new project, it will look confusing. You have to create the first wobbly lines to build the structure of the image. You also have to practice patience and practice new techniques to eventually be good at it, even when it’s a natural skill.

That goes the same with relationships, especially ones more emotionally mature than ones you are used to. You can feel so frustrated where you want throw your paint and brushes and give up because there is an imperfection or a technique you don’t understand, knowing it may mess up the whole thing. It feels uncomfortable not being in control of the outcome.

Do you trust that the canvas is going to hold the paint, or do you question it with every stroke? Are you demanding it to create the picture for you, or are you allowing yourself to be present in the moment? Don’t you have to practice surrendering to the entire painting process before witnessing any form of a result? You don’t know how the painting is going to turn out until it’s done.

Being in a relationship requires you to surrender and learn how to trust completely. Take the time to practice surrendering and trusting, just like surrendering to the paint and canvas, and trusting the movement of the paintbrush. But in this case, the relationship is the canvas, the paint represents your emotions and actions, and the paintbrush is you.

You can only control your part of the relationship. What paint colors will you use and mix, what movement will you make with the brush? Be present.

You never know the outcome if you assume, demand, or give up. That’s the beauty of connections. Have faith in the process and allow it to unfold naturally. Enjoy the entire process!!🙏🏻💖

Let me know if this resonates and if you have anything else to add. I’m also still learning and growing daily, and love expanding my mind! I pray we all have beautiful and fulfilling relationships where we can trust ourselves and others. 🫶🏻

I love you all!

💖 Rachel


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