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To be a goddess…

To be a goddess doesn’t mean you are a deity, or the most perfect human, or as physically beautiful as a model, or even have influential power based on societal standards… Embracing your internal strength and beauty and letting it shine through your own authenticity is what a Goddess can be. You don’t have to be completely confident or enamored with yourself, just authentically let your radiant soul shine, and my dear, you are a Goddess.⠀

During a recent meditation, I felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude for all that I have overcome and the beautiful friends I have in my life as a result of my healing and transformation. (See previous post “These are my confessions” for details.) A beautiful idea came to me during that meditation... I want to show that women can truly be friends who genuinely love and support one another. We are not here to compete, we are here to empower one another and support each other to embrace the beautiful goddess within! This reminder during my meditation has led me to feel so deeply inspired to support my friends in the health/eco-friendly/spiritual realm by highlighting them in Goddess Spotlight posts.⠀⁠

I’m super pumped because I will introduce some truly beautiful souls - these women are absolutely amazing! I hope you are as excited as I am because I truly believe their stories, their messages, & their radiant energies will inspire you in ways you may not have expected.

What does being a goddess mean to you? I’d love to hear! Coming up next is my first Goddess Spotlight post. And this one is a special soul.


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