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Who am I?

Hi, Rachel here! Real honest post ahead… I used to always fear being judged as someone I am not, so I'd often hide myself to avoid any form of assumption. My insecurities have prevented me from forming friendships and being active on social media. (I'm still not a fan of social media though haha)

Don't get me wrong, I haven't been presenting myself as something that I'm not; I've just never allowed myself to fully share my oddities and insecurities and even some things I'm proud of. So I will practice intimacy this way by sharing more than a few things about myself that I've been afraid of sharing...

» I am an eye contact queen. (Sometimes I think people get the wrong idea from this, though. hahaha) 👀

» I enjoy engaging in deep, thought-provoking conversations 🗣️ and don't know how to have superficial ones.

» I love learning about human nature. As a kid, I studied non-verbal communication and still love observing behaviors out of sheer curiosity about how we interact with others.

» I genuinely love every single person I have ever met, even if the vibes are iffy. Everyone deserves a chance, and I always start with love. You don't have to earn it with me. You already have it. 🥰

» I am wholeheartedly excited about what life has for you - I am a cheerleader for your endeavors and am excited for what blessings are coming for you! Even if we just met, don't be surprised if I'm enthusiastic about your dreams and cheering you on!! 📣

» My optimism and enthusiasm for life are for real. I always find the positive in every situation, but I also know when not to vomit the sunshine ☀️ all over the place. (For the most part lol)

» I always fear that my friendliness is misinterpreted for flirting!!! 😣 I'm a traditional woman, so I don't do the pursuing. I DO pursue great conversation, but that’s because I'm happy to expand my social circle - not my flirting circle. (Although I did ask out a guy last year for the first time in years, but that was a disaster! hahaha)

» I really don't like getting my photo taken - ask my friends, it's like pulling teeth. 📸

» I often hide my feelings if they don't match my usual happy-go-lucky personality, to ensure I don't lower the vibe.

» Lying is not in my DNA. 😅 I avoid it at all costs and always respond with the truth, even if it's the tiniest truth I can find. If I am forced to lie or realize I accidentally lied, it devours my inner Jiminy Cricket.

» My social battery 🪫 gets drained quickly, and it takes a while to recharge so please don't take my silence personally. I just need [a lot of] time to recalibrate.

» I do my absolute best to avoid judging others because that's not my place. Also, I don't like to be judged.

» I am grateful to have welcomed God back into my life. I am not afraid to share my journey as I explore the way and life of Jesus and His word. His love is what drives me to be more open to sharing who I am. ✝️✡️

» I have struggled with OCD and my discomfort with germs my entire life. I legit do not like shaking hands and would prefer to just bow in greeting. 😬

» I am confident in who I am as a person and what I have to offer the world, but still have a bit to work on regarding my exterior and other insecurities. (I think we all have our doubts.)

» Hand me an instrument I've never touched before and I can more than likely figure out how to play it properly and play a full song within 15 minutes of my attention. (I'm a musical weirdooooo) 🎶

» I sing goofy parodies to my dogs... I have wiener dogs so these songs end up being really ridiculous.

» If you were a fly on the wall, you'd notice that I talk to myself and my pets in a British accent... a lot. (This doesn’t mean I’m good at it though. 🤪)

» I am a nerd! For real! I used to know how to read Elvish back in high school when I played DND and Elder Scrolls, I love sci-fi movies, and enjoy conversations about Aliens and conspiracies. 👽

» I love collecting stationary and journaling. Since I was a kid, I have felt the call to write a book and probably will one day. ✍🏻

» I don't have a competitive bone in my body. For real. I despise competition, always have. I enjoy watching others in friendly competition, but I'll always participate on the sidelines as an observer. (This is a big reason why I left the professional world of music.)

» I have a weird talent for knowing collegiate and NFL team mascots and cities. I have no idea why my brain decided to latch on to this information. Good thing I like the sport! 🏈

» I'm a bit of an open book if you just ask. I'm very private, but I LOVE to talk! Not necessarily talk about myself, but to talk about life and what I've learned. I also LOVE to listen and learn about you and your journey!! Conversing is something I REALLY enjoy doing. My texts are usually books. 🫣

» What you see is what you get - but I don't always reveal everything about myself, hence this post. (I feel quite exposed right now. 😅)


» I have been embarrassed about everything I listed here nearly my entire life.

Why reveal this information? Well, I’d rather be judged by my weird insecurities rather than anything else. Social media creates a mask that hides us from who we really are and I love knowing WHO the person is behind the screen so why not start with myself?

Was this too ridiculous? Good!

I rarely act "ridiculous", so enjoy it when it happens. I am learning to enjoy being unapologetically myself without holding back.

So hello, I'm Rachel, and it's a pleasure to be seen. I love you, and thank you for just being you. Feel free to share a healthy list of things you have been embarrassed about. Did you learn something new about me today? What is something you would add to your personal list? Feel free to share below!


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